The Spirit of Place Statement guides all decisions at Elvaston.

Created by many hands as a haven for a family line, turned by circumstance into a sanctuary for two lovers and transformed into an escape from ‘everyday life’ for thousands; this continually evolving, miniature world reveals countless glimpses of its long history.

The castle stands at the heart of the estate, overlooking a landscape ranging from majestic conifers and woodland to formal topiary and rock work which inspired so many historic estates. Slightly worn at the edges, this homage to romantic Gothic fantasy still has the power to inspire and surprise with its gleaming gilt and dramatic painted interiors.

Some of the grandeur of Barron’s experimental design has been eroded by happy, running feet and generations of exploring hands; the growing power of the Stanhope family has waned, but their enduring creation of fantasy and escapism is still felt throughout the house and grounds.