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Unless it’s to use one to split someone’s rectum open er, the broom, not the cupboard. If they can first take some time to pound your face until it resembles John Merrick, even better.

Among the roster of human canaille that you’ll be facing are besuited gangster types, baseball batwielding street punks, vampish women carrying Whips natch , zombies not real ones, but gang members who fashion themselves after the undead , roller bladers with real blades on their wheels, SAS types, martial artists, jetpack pilots, burly dockworkers ahem and motorbike dudes with swords. Of course, there are a fair number of innocent civilians around but that’s not your problem.

They shouldn’t be thick enough to go outside in such a violent world. As well as the main game, Core are promising a two possibly four player ‘arena’ mode in the manner of a traditional 3D beat ’em up. A full range of ‘combos’ and special moves are included in both games, which in essence makes Fighting Force two games in one. Plenty of arenas will be available, but it’s up to the player to gain access to them by beating some of the end-of-level guardians in the main game. Which is a nice incentive – make progress in one game and you’ll be rewarded in the other.

If only all games were so considerate. Next month: we probe beneath the surface of the game to find out about the characters’ fighting abilities, what weapons are on offer and spend some quality time with the programmers, designers and sundry hangers-on.

Probably with some silly pictures of the team. Am I reading too much into this or is Core’s character, A profile trying to subtly suggest some kind of lesbian overtones in their newest ‘babe’ character? I quote verbatim: “Mace is aware of her sexual magnetism, yet she couldn’t care less about men.

Is it just me? Whatever the case, Mace is a pretender to Lara Croft’s s ‘virtual sex kitten’ crown. Vital stats of , an IQ of , 21 years old, lbs I know, I know. Do we need this much information? No, but it’s there anyway.

Personally, I can’t wait for the ‘live’ A version of this one. I hate people like Hawk Manson. I mean, let’s take the name for starters. Hawk Manson. How’s he expected to survive through life with a name that’s such an obvious attempt to be macho? People will laugh at him everywhere he goes. It’s like being called Blade or Hunter or Wolf. Which also goes to explain his overly muscular physique. Anyone with even half a life wouldn’t be able to spend the necessary amount of time at the gym that this guy has without resorting to steroids.

Meaning that he’s probably never had sex. And he’s got a stupid haircut. Look who’s talking – Ed. I hate him for no good reason at all, but then I’m irrational like that. Now here’s a really dodgy role model to V include in a computer game. Smasher is basically a slave. He’s Hawk’s personal rent boy. Hired out by a corrupt prison guard, Hawk uses Ben as muscle on big jobs before returning him to his tiny pen to continue travelling the Bourneville Boulevard with his cell mate. He’s also thick as pigshit, which means that rather than engaging enemies with cutting remarks and Wilde-esque witticisms, he prefers to smash things up and then use the remains as weapons.

Large trash cans, car engines, small children, large children, school buses full of screaming children that are gradually having their heads crushed under the pressure of his large biceps, etc Or Baby Spice. A 17 year old who was subjected to various drug experiments by her father – Dr Zeng!! Which just goes to prove that liberal parents are no more effective than conservative ones.

Naturally she’s out for revenge, and so when Mace ‘ calls and says, “Hi Alana? Listen, me and a few buddies are going over to kill your Pop. Fancy tagging along? And, of course, who better to take into a heavily-armed killer fortress with hundreds of gun-toting villains trying to dismember you at every turn than a teenage girl who’s only known special power is the ability to fall instantly in love with any boy-band going?

If you answered chess, you might as well skip the next four pages. Fighting Force is not for you. Swingball'” fans however, stay tuned – as should anyone who enjoys a bit of good ol” dumb entertainment. This is a beat ’em up game in which you get to smack lots of people right in the chops. A cerebral feast for the intelligentsia it is not.

If this upsets you, go away. Go away right now. Here’s the basic concept behind Fighting Force: take an old-fashioned side-scrolling beat ’em up game of the Streets of Rage variety, and give it a cutting-edge 3D makeover, adding a host of new gameplay elements as you do so. It’s surprising no-one’s done this on the PC before now: scrolling-n-fighting games have been around ever since Irem’s Kung Fu Master first appeared in the video arcades.

From , when Kung Fu Master made its debut, they sustained their popularity thanks to successful arcade releases such as Double Dragon , Altered Beast , Final Fight , and Two Crude Dudes – each of which were subsequently translated for consumption in the homes of bloodthirsty Megadrive and SNES owners. Indeed, games of this ilk were a staple of the bit gaming market. Some were a great laugh Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , some were absolutely appalling Cliffhanger , and some had dwarves and orcs in them and therefore don’t really count Golden Axe.

Like action movies their closest Hollywood equivalent , scrolling beat ’em ups often stick to a particular formula – an unwritten code of law from which they must not deviate. Fighting Force is no different. Let’s pick through those rules right now – and describe the game in more detail as we do so.

Women should be extremely attractive, young, and considerably more agile than the male characters although they may NEVER be physically stronger. Well, that all seems to be in order. Check out the panel for more information on the Fighting Force kicking crew.

A stupid one. Preferably involving an evil overlord and a dastardly scheme. Well, we’ve got a cracker here. It’s the year , and our heroes are struggling manfully to reach the secret H. Dex Zeng, a traditional ‘mad scientist’ who’s planning to bring about the Apocalypse he believes should have rightfully occurred at the turn of the millennium.

If he has his way, planet Earth shall burn as its population dies screaming. I blame the parents myself. Anyway, our heroes are out to stop him. You’ve got to admire their motivation.

If I knew that a crazed megalomaniac with countless millions of dollars at his disposal was hard at work plotting the end of the world as we know it, I’d give up completely, hide under a blankets and whimper tearfully about how cruel and unfair everything is. And the planet would get blown to bits and I’d die.

Not so our heroes. They know exactly what to do: seize the rose by the thorns, grit those teeth and roll their sleeves up. No kidding. Dex Zeng’s devotees are legion.



Fighting force pc game free download – Game Description

Fighting Force is an arcade game (fighting) released in by Eidos Interactive. The game was released for PCs (Windows) and N64, PlayStation. Download Fighting Force for Free Through or Without Torrent PC Game. Fighting forces and battles in the Fighting Force are expected throughout the game. Fighting Force can best be described as a 3D version of Streets of Rage. You command one of four characters as you battle through high rises, city streets, and. Fighting Force (Size: 21 MB) is a Beat ’em up video game. It was released on for Microsoft Windows. Developed by Core Design and published. Fighting Force is a 3D beat ’em up released for the PlayStation in and Microsoft Windows in The game was developed by Core Design and published by.❿