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Acronis disk director 12 gpt unsupported free download

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Unsupported by current OS. Thread needs solution. Posts: 1. Comments: 1. Hallo Today I bought this software and after opening can not do anything. Attachment Size addscrsht. Products: Acronis Disk Director Forum Hero. Posts: Comments: Double check to be sure as windows 10 support did not come until later: Windows 10 – all editions starting from build of Acronis Disk Director 12 I myself have never used Disk director.

I can rename the disk inside Windows but cant even do that simple thing in DD It shows as basic GPT but after that, all partitions are unsupported. This machine, using Win 8. It needs to be fixed urgently. I am lucky this is MY machine and not a customer’s. Then I installed the new version of DD12 and proved it worked ok which it did , then I re-installed TI and proved that both worked which they did.

Seems like the only way to make a clone of windows 10 with DD12 is using the bootable media, I sorta liked cloning discs using 2 USB to Sata cables from my main workstation. It doesn’t seem to work with windows 10 that way.. I get a error of. There seems to be something fishy here. I’m a long time user of DD11 and never had a problem. Did check out support pages and found it necessary to actually uninstall previous versions of DD – this I did.

So, I suppose the issue is related to the hardware. I will try to test it with all SSD disks I have. Yes I did uninstall DD12 and attempt re-installation but only at a second attempt – however, still shows GPT disks “unsupported”. This was not evident in the support pages and I did NOT do this.

True Image still seems to be functioning OK so I am reluctant to risk jeopardising this functionality by blindly attempting to sort out Disk Director further. Please advise if this is worth a try and point me to safe download site for this utility if such does actually exist.

However, now, following attempted “upgrade” from DD11 to DD12 could then no longer do anything with this external drive – now reported by DD12 as “unsupported”. Having now read some of the negative reviews of DD for those of us not technically expert I am now tempted to write it off altogether for my newer system and just retain the still functional DD11 on my earlier MBR – BIOS based machines.

However, any further help or advice you could offer to enable me to regain functionality of DD12 whilst retaining full usage of TI would be most welcome and would encourage me to go ahead with purchasing the upgrade from 11 to 12 for all threee of my PCs. To investigate the issue, we need some technical information and logs from the system. So, I can suggest you to contact our Support team. What I did?

As this had only occurred recently since trying to install the upgrade DD12 over DD11 on a relatively high spec system only six weeks old, I recovered the system back to immediately following installation of the DD11 early January using WIN10 recovery disc and system image – avoided using True Image!

Can’t think of any alternative explanation. Worked flawlessy!!! Happy camper! DD12 Build says Volume 1 is unsupported. Volume 1 is my internal hard drive. Volume 2 is my external hard drive, which is not UEFI. I tried to update to Build , which supposedly includes UEFI support but got “an error occurred during the installaation of assembly Microsoft. Steve Smith. Posts: Comments: Percio, welcome to these public User Forums. Sorry but too little information to know how to help you here?

Products: Acronis True Image 9. YES What type of backup are you creating here? I have been given a Toshiba laptop to reset to factory from the hidden recovery partition but DiskPart isn’t showing the partition.

This laptop has both DD10 and TI11 on it. TIH11 shows the System partition if you want to back it up but not if you wanted to restore it, which is a little strange to me. However, when I create dynamic disks, and try to increase the size of the C partition to span the two drives, the Acronis Disk Manager doesn’t allow me to span across to the other drive It keeps the max size to G, the size of the physical drive.

I have just bought a new laptop with Win 8. I want to do some resizing but found out that this is unsupported by Disk Director I recently resized and moved some free space from my D drive and then added it to the end of my C drive.

However, in explorer my C drive still shows as only Gb not Gb. I was actually trying to free up 8Gb of space but the first time it didn’t work so I did it a 2nd time. Now I can see its munched up 2 x 8Gb of space on the end of the C drive that I don’t have access to. I’m doing some work migrating some old systems off XP and I have several systems that I am playing with. For several days now, I’ve been getting the fatal error message: “Failed to obtain actual information about the disk sub system” from both Disk Director 11 Update 2 Home edition -and- Disk Director 11 Advanced Edition.

I have a trial version of Disk Director 11 Home Update 2 build


Acronis True Image Clone to SSD – How to Guides – Acronis disk director 12 gpt unsupported free download


MVP LogViewer MVP Google Drive Cleanup Utility Cloning Correctly Clone vs Backup Community Tools And the last two options are available on the Professional version. One of the biggest reason is the destination and source disk has different partition style and you don’t convert them to the same before cloning. In this situation, you can simply check Convert the destination disk from MBR to GPT or vice versa, depending on the disk partition styles of them. And you can check its disk properties in Disk Management.

The overall steps are below:. You can keep it as a backup or reformat the hard drive for other purposes. To confirm if the cloned SSD is bootable, please directly boot from it. Process 2 correction: Acronis full backup was made to an external backup hard drive. I ran the bootable media creation program directly from Acronis TI. It appears to me it is the UNIX version.

I checked for updates to Acronis TI and found that Build is available. However, the update failed even when I ran Acronis in Administrator mode. So now, I suppose, I need to inquire about the failure of Acronis to update.

The error message says, “Access denied”. One thing at a time, I guess. For the ‘Access denied’ issue this is a known problem: please see KB document: Acronis True Image Update to Build Fails with “Access is denied” which provides a zip download with a. MSI installer inside – install this, restart and then retry the upgrade to build Richard Holliday. Comments: 6. Richard, Are you running DD12 from wihtin Windows or from bootable media? Is the new drive going to be your OS drive or a data only drive?

Thanks for your reply, Colin! Frequent Poster. Posts: 4. Hello Richard , First of all I recommend you checking if the disk itself reports to be in good state, even if it is a new one. Regards, Slava. Hello Slava, Thank you for your message. Code: 3,, 0x read more. Hello, read more. Acronis, I wonder how you consider your Customers.

Beta testers, perhaps? More Pages to Explore Latest Images. September 15, , pm. Its not like an Intel SSD is a really uncommon drive or anything, these are in common use now- its standard issue at my company. Download the latest bootable ISO from your acronis. If you didn’t change your hard drive controller settings, that should work if it worked with the older drive.

Also, a two year old Ubuntu 9 CD can understand this new drive and format it. Once it is partitioned and formatted by some other tool, then the same Acronis recovery CD created from within a fully updated Acronis install could startup and run, but only after the disk was prepared using other tools.

Given a person recovering from a backup is most likely to buy a new disk to recover to, rather than risk a failed try in over-writing an old one, it appears essential basic functions of Acronis are lacking, at least with some disk drives. Maybe, if you are luck enough to have the right type of drive it would work. When you boot on the Acronis recovery CD, with your new drive in, click on add new disk and finish the wizard on your new SSD.

See if that makes a difference. Pat L. You can’t get to the add new disk because the program won’t let you past the “Unknown disk type” error. Thanks for following up to confirm. Authored on. Ordina nel context: Ordinamento Asc Desc. Date within – Qualsiasi – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year. Unsupported by current OS. Thread needs solution.


Acronis disk director 12 gpt unsupported free download

Been using Acromis Image since version 7 in It needs to be fixed urgently. I ran the bootable media creation program directly from Acronis TI.❿