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This action game is now abandonware and is set in a horror, shooter, Windows. American McGee’s Alice 0 American McGee’s Alice 1 American McGee’s Alice 2. Alice madness returns – action-adventure game with platforming elements, which is the sequel to the Download Alice Madness Returns for free on PC. American McGee’s Alice is a third-person psychological horror action-adventure platform video game released for PC on December 6, ❿


Alice pc game download free


She is later taken to the Rutledge psychiatric hospital, where she is constantly abused by its workers. Ten years later, Alice is once again summoned to wonderland by the white rabbit, who tells her that only she can save it from the tyranny of the queen of hearts.

Being torn by its distorted psyche, this place is not the same as it was before, but a twisted and macabre version of it. Very similar to the story of Silent Hill 2, the characters in this universe are a representation of Alice’s emotions, so many of them return as enemies.

Thus, only with the help of the white rabbit and the Cheshire Cat, the heroine embarks on a dangerous mission where violence is the only way to solve the problems. At the beginning of the adventure, Alice must visit 9 provinces, now dystopian versions of the places she used to happily frequent.

To finish with their inhabitants, she has several toys modified to serve as weapons, such as dices, cards, or surprise boxes. Regis 0 point. Mar 0 point. Hi, I just downloaded it. I’m using Windows 10, it does run it, however the screen is cropped and moved a bit down and to the right. I can’t get it to center. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks a lot. Carlos S. Ramirez Ch. DixiePenguin 1 point. I am having trouble with graphics. The blue Will bar is in the middle of the screen.

No red Sanity bar visible except golden line to left of will level, again mid screen. Toy indicator is crammed behind these two. ANy fix? Thanks, Bill. Steve -1 point. Ascendant 1 point. This page doesn’t mention anywhere it doesn’t work on windows 10 and I’ve looked it up online and apparently the latest it runs fine on is windows 8. I even found a fix someone made for this but it requires the CD to be in your drive as if anyone is going to physically own this game by this point or even own an optical drive.

So i’m at a loss. Thank you for this game! I got it to play quite well on win 7 after I ran it on XP3 compatibility mode as administrator. I’m so glad this was here, I bought Alice back in and had wanted to play it again but couldn’t get the discs to work in any of my computers.

It’s a classic! Thanks, this perfectly run in windows 7 whit 6 cores, this dont requires any patch its wonderfull. Tspoon 1 point. Rod 0 point. Pc -3 points. Hi I have a question is this safe to download because I don’t want a bunch of virus invading my computer. Sud-Ita-fan 0 point. Stelios Samos 0 point. ElsieIsAGamer 0 point. Every time I start the game and begin to play when I get to a loading screen the game freezes and doesn’t allow me to force quit.

I really want to play this game and I can’t afford a physical copy so it would suck if I can only play the introduction but not progress pass that. I don’t know what to do and would love some help. I had this game as an actual physical copy and played the hell out of it as a kid, but now it doesn’t work on my Windows 10 laptop, so this is really helpful.

Thanks for bringing back one of my favorite games :. The only way to leave the game is to quit and close it down. Any ideas if this can be fixed?

TheNiclas 1 point. The Corgi 7 points. The Corgi 4 points. According to Wikia, the sequel is bundled with an enhanced port of American McGee’s Alice, featuring widescreen resolution and slightly updated character texture models.

The Corgi 2 points. It says this is available for purchase on Origin but it’s not. You can only buy the sequel on Origin. Steven 0 point. Here’s a guide to install the HD version of Alice with updated textures.

Needs Steam or Origin version of Alice 2 Madness returns. If the game crashes after cinematic, this is probably related to the high frame rate.

It will crash if you hit a few hundred frames or even go above ToughOrc21 -1 point. American McGee’s Alice screenshots:. Size: If you come across it, the password is: online-fix.

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