Welcome to Future for Elvaston

Development Board to be created for Elvaston Castle

We’ve worked closely with the local community and others to develop an exciting Vision for the future of Elvaston which we believe can be best delivered by a new management body for the Estate such as a Charitable Trust.

Derbyshire County Council has recently approved the creation of an advisory ‘Development Board’ for Elvaston Castle. The Development Board will work in partnership with Derbyshire County Council and others to champion the formation of the new managing body for the Estate that will ultimately take on responsibility for the Estate and make the Vision a reality.

The core purpose of the Development Board is:

  • To provide input and advice to Derbyshire County Council in the early strategic initiation, delivery and implementation of the 10 year Vision and Plan for Elvaston Castle and Estate;
  • To act as advocate for the proposed new management body for Elvaston Castle and Estate and to work towards the creation of the new management body.

The Development Board will also bring commercial and business acumen, innovation, creative flair and enterprise to help shape initiation of the Vision.

We have now commenced the recruitment process for the Chair of the Board, please refer to the Development Board page on this website.

Proposed initial Heritage Lottery Fund grant application for the Elvaston Estate

Thank you to everyone that came along to the special event on Sunday 30 November in the Gothic Hall to comment on the proposed HLF project - over 300 people came and shared their views and comments, which was brilliant!

What is the Heritage Lottery Fund?

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) use money raised by National Lottery players to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about – places like Elvaston Castle. We’ve worked with the local community and others to develop an exciting 10 year Vision and Plan for Elvaston. Now we’re looking at securing monies towards implementing the Vision.

What would you use a grant for?

The Council is expecting to put in a bid to the HLF in 2015. The bid will ask for a grant towards:

  • The renovation of the ground floor and a good proportion of the first floor of Elvaston Castle to allow access and offer a flexible space for learning and community use, guided tours, exhibitions, weddings, conferences and other events. Parts of the upper floors will be converted to residential use. Up to five flats are proposed, some of which could be holiday lets or accommodation for weddings
  • A more attractive and welcoming arrival in the main car park and a new café in the Castle Courtyard
  • A creative programme of events and activities that engage existing and new visitors in the heritage of this special place, including volunteering

Why aren’t you including the gardens or other parts of the Estate?

Looking after the Elvaston Estate currently costs the Council over £800,000 a year. We want to focus this first bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund on things that will:

  • Bring Elvaston Castle and some other important heritage buildings into good condition and active use by the community and others
  • Provide more for people to do and enjoy when they visit, and new and engaging ways for them to learn more about the stories of the Estate
  • By doing the above, generate more income to support the running of the Estate – and we think the proposals in the bid will do just that

It is planned to submit a future HLF bid that includes the gardens and resolves the problems with site drainage. Other funding bids to a range of funders will be developed over the coming years to gradually regenerate the rest of the Estate – there’s a lot to do, and we’ll need to do it in phases over time.

What happens next?

  • Securing funding from the HLF is complex. Larger HLF applications have to go through a two-stage process that can take more than 2 years to complete. At the moment, were hoping to apply for the first stage in 2015.
  • As with any funding bid, there is no guarantee of success.
  • The proposed Heritage Lottery Fund bid is likely to be the start of a series of bids for funding from a variety of sources to revitalise the Estate and implement the Vision.

All being well, it’s hoped to start the planned project sometime in late 2017.

More information on the proposed HLF project will be added to the website over the coming weeks.